With which posadas in Los Roques do we work with?

With many of them, belonging to all categories.

Forthcoming, in our online booking system you'll  see the details of each of the posadas we work with in Los Roques: description, pictures, room availability and you can even check rates or packages tariff and book online.

Currently, in the system you find information about Posada Arrecife Los Roques, then we will include other posadas in Los Roques with whom we also work as Posada Va Pensiero, Posada Galápagos, Posada Natura Viva, Posada Malibu, Posada El Pelícano, Posada Los Kankises and Posada Sol y Luna, among others. Also you can contact us if you want to make a reservation while we include them in the system.


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