The sublime imperfection of Los Roques… its greatest appeal!

Los Roques - Sunset in Gran Roque

We have many clients who tell us they want a wonderful and perfect trip in Los Roques. After making an effort to save money to travel at least once in their lives to this Venezuelan paradise, who doesn't? However, we can assure you the first... it will be wonderful and unforgettable as few destinations in the world can offer! Now, when we speak of "perfect" things change...

As Venezuelans we all know that one of the qualities of our country is precisely the "imperfection" in the sense that it is very difficult for anything to happen exactly as planned. More than a shortcoming, I think is one of the ingredients that makes us so mischievous, witty, solvers of everything and also of having that wonderful ability to see the positive side to everything! If you're from another country, here's a brief description of some of our qualities and yes, in Venezuela you can enjoy a charming but "imperfect" tourism ;)


In the case of Los Roques, there are many factors that can inject improvisational touches to your travel:


The energy fails a lot!

Most of the posadas or lodges in Los Roques has its own power generator and are turned one when the main generator of the town fails. However, there are some generators that make lots of noise and this is likely to come to disturb more than one.

Most likely this happens when it starts to get dark, we recommend you to bring a small flashlight to guide your way from the posada to the beach of El Gran Roque, sit in a puff of the cafes that are found on the shore and watch the sky full of stars! is beautiful! Enjoy this moment because there will be few nights in your life where you can enjoy such an inspiring sky :)


Isolation, the best ally of the virginity of Los Roques

Many destinations offer beautiful beaches, but not compared to virginity and natural beauty that Los Roques offers. It is precisely that virginity and natural beauty that makes Los Roques such a different destination from the traditional tourist routes.

Los Roques has sandy streets, the only asphalt you'll find is on the air strip, many walk carefree barefoot, kids run through the streets as they once could do in Caracas, corals and reefs are among the world's best preserved... In short, there are many advantages! However, this virginity is possible, in part, to its isolation, the same one that causes some problems on the island. So when you run into any of these glitches, think about how lucky you are to find yourself in a natural treasure of our planet!


The divine liquid

In addition to the energy, water is scarce. In Los Roques water is supplied by sectors, only two or three times a week for a couple of hours, so there are posadas with large water tanks and it helps customers to not even notice this limitation. However, we invite you to ration it and do your best not to waste it, especially in the shower. You can not imagine the anguish of the innkeepers when the day when water is supposed to arrive was not provided and the posada is full! Of course, in Los Roques you won't find a jacuzzi or swimming pool, but the most beautiful beaches in Venezuela!


Supplies… from the mainland

There are two boats that transport supplies from Maiquetía (port that serves Caracas) to Los Roques. It is very likely they delay in their itinerary. These delays stress a lot of times the innkeepers (owners or managers of the posadas) and force them to find a way to work out the situation because the food, gasoline for the boats, diesel fuel for the generator of the town, and in general, any supplies also delays because everything arrives by ship from the mainland. However, the innkeepers do everything possible so that their clients won't notice all these problems or that it affect them just slightly.


Remember, Los Roques is pure nature! nothing to do with the type of tourism that you can enjoy in Aruba, Jamaica, Cancun or the Greek Islands, where perfection and service planning are their main attributes. Los Roques is not a traditional tourist destination, in its natural beauty is also rustic, is an ideal destination to relax, fall in love, enjoy offbeat days as few destinations can offer, it is as if time had stopped and allowed us to enjoy landscapes and unique world experiences!


Have you been in Los Roques? What do you recommend to our readers and followers?